How to fix a leaky aluminum door

When it comes to aluminum doors, they’re more than just a cheap, utilitarian piece of plastic.

As you’re walking down the street, they serve as a buffer between your vehicle and the elements, a place where you can safely retreat if the weather’s cold, and a place for you to get out of if the rain’s coming.

And for good reason: It’s the kind of material that you can’t really see through, and you can actually see through to the ground, as the metal of your door does its job of blocking out the world.

And in some cases, this is the case for most aluminum doors: They’re made of a thin sheet of aluminum, with a metal ring around the perimeter of the door that’s coated in plastic.

And that plastic can come loose and fall off, as in the case of a leak that happens when you drop your phone down on the floor.

In other cases, however, you might just be able to pick up the aluminum yourself, and use it to fix your own leak.

But if you’ve got a leak in your aluminum door, and want to get it fixed, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to install a leak-proof aluminum door.

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