“We will never let you down: Aluminum fence installation at Silver Spring”

In Silver Spring, Md., the U.S. Postal Service’s aluminum fence is the latest project to face political criticism over its safety, but its political opponents have also criticized it as a wasteful project.

The agency plans to install approximately 50 miles of metal fencing at a vacant former auto body shop, a vacant property owned by a local school district and the site of a nearby highway ramp.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that about 4 million tons of aluminum are shipped daily across the country.

The Postal Service has said it has the right to build the fence if the costs and benefits are appropriate.

A new website that offers information on the agency’s project and offers a tour of the site is now live.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service said the website was developed in partnership with the Maryland Department of the Environment. In the U

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