The new aluminium-plastic symbol of the future

The aluminium-carbon-fibre-glass (AlCOG) symbol of future is a powerful symbol of technology and innovation.

It symbolises the ability to go forward, while avoiding the pitfalls of the past.

But it has a drawback.

AlCOG is brittle, and if you have a crack in it, it can become brittle and break.

And if you take too much time with your project, the cracks will show up.

So while AlCOGs have been around for decades, they are new to the industry, and we need to know the risks.

In a world where the future is so fast, the challenge of understanding what is the right material, when to take risks and how to take them, is as important as ever.

The next aluminium symbol, and the next symbol for aluminium in the world of business, is AlCOGS.

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