How to remove aluminum Christmas tree

How to Remove Aluminum Christmas Tree: 1.

Take out the top.


Remove the top 3.

Remove all of the branches.


Wrap the ends around the trunk, and the branches around the base.


Wrap around the lower branches and remove.


Take the tree down and make sure it is level with the ground.


Remove any wires and screws that may be attached.


If you want to add more trees, you may need to cut a few holes for the sides of the tree.


If using the right kind of tree, you can easily attach a large tree to the bottom.


You can also use the branches to make a railing.


It may be a good idea to leave the bottom of the trees with the top attached to prevent damage.


Remove or trim the branches that may hang down from the trunk.


Take a look at the top and bottom of your tree, if you want more information about this process, check out this article about removing aluminum Christmas trees.

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