‘Wastewater’ leak causes ‘significant damage’ to California lake

The city of San Diego is in the midst of an unprecedented wastewater spill that has sent tens of thousands of gallons of wastewater into the ocean.

The Los Angeles Times reports the leak has been traced to a storage facility operated by a company that makes aluminum foil pans.

“We’re in the middle of a major wastewater spill and it’s significant damage to the San Diego Bay,” San Diego City Attorney Joe Deters said Friday.

The leak was discovered Wednesday by a citizen who called the city to report a possible leak in a storage tank.

“It’s a very large leak, so we’re trying to determine the source of the leak,” Deters told reporters.

“The water level in the tank is about 1,500 feet.

It’s about two feet high and about four feet deep.

So that’s the level that would be at risk.”

The city has begun an environmental assessment of the facility and plans to close it for an unknown period of time.

The spill is being handled by the city’s environmental department.

Deters declined to say how much the leak cost the city, but he said the city had already spent about $6,000 cleaning up the spill and was “well ahead of schedule.”

A second spill is expected to be found on Friday in the San Joaquin River.

The city’s spill response team will evaluate the situation and report back to the city.

“San Diego has a long history of being a clean water city and the city has a responsibility to the environment,” Detars said.

“So, we’re going to be spending the next few days and weeks trying to identify and try to clean up any contamination.”

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