Which aluminum pie pan is right for you?

By Megan T. GivensMedical News Today | February 19, 2020 at 10:30pmPosted February 19:02:06We all want our kitchen appliances to last longer and to taste better, but can’t we just use aluminum?

The answer to that question depends on your preference.

Aluminum is a tough material and can withstand a lot of abuse, and it can also be incredibly brittle.

If your oven isn’t well-ventilated, you can’t heat it all the time, and the oven’s heat will eventually corrode the aluminum.

Aluminum can also corrode when the oven is stored in a refrigerator for a long time.

The more acidic the food, the harder it will be for aluminum to break down.

When you use an aluminum pie crust, you’ll want to use a ceramic, glass, or metal pie plate.

A ceramic, ceramic-plated aluminum pie dish will hold your food for longer, but you’ll likely have to keep the oven covered to prevent the crust from cracking.

The aluminum crust won’t be as solid as a stainless steel or glass pie pan, and that means it won’t hold as much heat, and you’ll have to use your oven’s ventilators more frequently.

The glass or ceramic pie dish won’t crack as easily, and a metal pie dish can hold a little more heat.

However, if you want to keep a certain amount of the crust on the bottom, you should use a metal or ceramic crust.

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