A look back at the aluminium Jons boats and their future

I had a couple of questions about aluminium jon, a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak to Jon about his company, the aluminum electrons, and how he and his team have been able to create a world-class aluminium boat.

Jon is the founder of aluminium jons and he has built up a global brand, with boats in the likes of the UAE and Japan.

I asked Jon if his current focus was building a boat that he could take to the races, or what he’s looking forward to the next few years?

“I would love to build a world class aluminium boat,” he said.

“The main thing is to make the best possible boat.

It’s about creating the perfect boat for the best riders in the world.

In my mind, I’m really focussed on what we can do with our boats, and that’s the main focus of my team, is to do the best we can for the riders.

The main focus is to create the perfect and most beautiful aluminium boat, and for the world to be able to see what it’s like to ride it, and to ride the best aluminium boat in the business.”

Jon explained that he was a “big fan of the brand” and the fact that he has been able see the boat through the “big picture” of aluminium production, rather than focusing on just one part of the company.

“We’re working on a whole range of things, so there’s a lot of work going on.

I think we’re going to be very competitive with the big guys.”

Jon was also keen to share his thoughts on the future of aluminium boats, particularly in the water.

He explained that the future looks bright for aluminium jones, and the boats that will be built over the coming years.

But the future isn’t all about aluminium.

“[It’s] also about what we’re building, what we need, and what we will build next year,” he continued.

Aluminum jons has already built its first two aluminium Jones boats, the Algonquins and the Aljones.

The Algonquin, based in the UK, has a displacement of 1680kg and is powered by a diesel engine.

The aluminium Jone, built in the US, has an displacement of 2340kg and a displacement rating of 2950kg.

Jon said that the next two boats were designed with a “global footprint” in mind, and he is confident that his designs will be used by the biggest boats in world racing.

“If we can build the best boat for our riders in terms of the technology and the quality, then the world is going to see the best racing, the best races, the world’s best athletes, and we can take the world by storm with our aluminium joons.”

Aluminum Jons, Algonque, Aljone and Aljons 2017 launch:Aluminium Jones 2018 launch:For more details on Algonques development, visit our Algonqons page.

For more information on Aljoes, visit the Aljunon website.

For all our racing coverage, check out the racing page on the AFR.

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