A new metal-organic compound is capable of cutting aluminum’s surface tension

By Chris WhiteSource Ars Technicall title A metal-fluoride alloy that can cut aluminum’s resistance to surface tension is now in clinical trials.

The compound, called aluminum bromeide, is the product of combining aluminum and a mineral called silica.

The two elements are in a rare family of naturally occurring minerals that are both chemically and physically very similar.

The compound was designed to mimic silica, which forms when aluminum oxide is exposed to sunlight.

In fact, silica and aluminum are so similar that the silica can form two separate compounds: aluminum oxide (AO) and silica silicate (AS).

The silica compounds have been used to make coatings for metal products and are used in a variety of industrial processes, including as additives to coat metals, in products like glass and plastic, and in pharmaceuticals.

Silica silicates are widely used as coating materials, but the compounds are very unstable, as they do not form stable stable stable bonds with other metals.

Aluminum is a common metal in the world, but it’s made of more than 90 percent silica materials, including silica in the form of silicate and alumina.

A large portion of the world’s silica comes from China, and it has been found in more than 60 percent of the earth’s surface.

In its paper published in the journal Science on March 25, the researchers describe how they used a combination of the silicate silicate compound, aluminum bromaide, and aluminate silicate, to create a metal-free alloy of aluminum and aluminum oxide that could be used to coat a variety inks, paints, and other products.

They found that a 2-micron thick aluminum oxide surface was about 10 times stronger than a 1-microm thick silica oxide surface.

The strength of aluminum oxide was comparable to that of silica on the order of the titanium inclusions in aluminum.

The researchers used this strength to cut the aluminum oxide in the coating by an average of 60 percent.

The researchers believe that the alloy could be more effective for the coatings on products like plastic or glass, because the aluminum-silicate combination can create a stronger surface.

They also say the metal-silica combination could be useful for metal-based coating applications, because silica-silicite is commonly used in coatings in products such as paint, ink, and glazes.

“It’s very exciting,” said senior author Alexey Svetlakov of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Nanotechnology and the Nanoscale Research Center.

“The properties of this compound are already quite good.

We can make coatations that are more durable and more durable for the metals than conventional methods.

This could be a huge benefit.”

The researchers say that aluminum boroide could also be useful in materials for coatings that require a strong surface, like the type of coatings used in computers, televisions, and the like.

They say that this type of coating could also serve as a replacement for metal powders that are typically used in the production of these products.

The scientists say that the compound is already used in small scale in some types of coaters, but that its potential applications could be much broader.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institute of Materials Technology (NIMT) and the Russian Ministry of Science and Technology.

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