Canada to begin dumping aluminum fence gates in 2017

Posted May 08, 2018 05:04:12Canada’s aluminum fencing is coming down in 2017.

A new report says the country’s provincial government will start the process to clear the country of the material, and the government says it will require all fence posts to be recycled.

A new report by the University of Calgary and the Canadian Institute of Municipal Research shows the aluminum in Canada’s borders will be gone by the end of this year.

“The government has announced its intention to phase out the use of aluminum fencing and has committed to collecting and recycling the material in Canada by the year 2025,” the report states.

The report also found the number of fences that Canada has built over the past 20 years is dropping.

Canada’s national border crossing facility at Vancouver Island in B.C. is currently home to about 100,000 steel fence posts, while the remaining 4,200 will be recycled or sold.

In contrast, a total of 8,400 new fences are expected to be built in the next few years in B, Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.

The Alberta government is expected to spend $20 million on fencing, while B.A. is expected have about $9 million.

The federal government is also planning to build more than 100 new border crossing points.

Canada is expected build 3,400 border crossings in 2021.

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