What you need to know about the aluminum shed in this video

It’s a classic tale of a young family living in a neighborhood where there are no neighbors.

That’s what the family has been experiencing for the past decade.

The family was told by the neighborhood association to build a shed in the yard of their home.

They didn’t even think about the risks, according to Kaitlyn Hochman, the homeowner.

“We were like, ‘This is a nice shed,'” Hochmann told HuffPost.

“We had to get the permits and we were like this is a great project for us to build the shed, but they were not interested in it.

We didn’t know what they were going to do with it.””

We just went through it, like, this is really good.

This is great, this will be great for our kids,” she added.

The shed was built for $1,500, which was enough to cover the cost of building the shed.

They were planning on installing a second shed in their backyard that would have cost $3,000.

Hochman said she knew there was a lot of controversy surrounding the project when the family decided to do it.

“There was a really big uproar about this, and the community was really hurt by it, but I just couldn’t believe how little thought we had of this,” she said.

“I had no idea it would be this controversial,” she told HuffPost of the controversy.

“This shed is not just for the kids, this shed is a way for the community to come together and make sure that their neighbors have a place to sleep and get a good night’s sleep,” she explained.

“It’s just a beautiful thing to see.”

The family has lived in the same neighborhood for the last five years, but said they never had any issues with noise.

“The neighbors and the residents have been very nice to us,” Hochmans said.

“It’s been a lot better than we could have imagined.”

Hochmans explained that she never planned to build any more sheds for her family.

“All of our shed was just an empty shed,” she recounted.

“I never wanted to do more sheds, because I never thought we would get any sheds.”

She said she never thought about how her neighbors might react to her decision to build more sheds in the neighborhood.

“But I think they will be more comfortable with it,” she remarked.

Hohman said the shed will be used as a safe house for her neighbors who live in the surrounding neighborhood.

She said the family plans to maintain the shed for a number of years to see if it can be adapted to a new home.

“You can do this project for your kids, you can do it for your grandkids, but it will be nice to see it as a place where everybody can come together,” Hohmans said of the shed’s design.

“For me, it’s a beautiful shed.”

Hollis said the aluminum sheds are a way to show the community what their neighbors want.

“To put on a shed and tell everybody you have a shed, it makes you feel like you are part of the community, which is nice,” she noted.

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