The Truth About Aluminum Roof Panel: Why You Should Be Worried

If you’ve ever had your aluminum roof panel installed, you probably noticed that it looks a lot like aluminum bar stock.

That’s because aluminum bars are made up of aluminum bonded together with an oxide layer.

Aluminum bar stock is more prone to cracking and cracking-related issues, which is why aluminum bars usually need to be replaced or removed.

If your aluminum bar panel is cracking, it’s probably not because of something else—it may be because you installed it incorrectly.

If you install an aluminum roof pan incorrectly, you can break it or damage the metal and aluminum bonding.

It can also be difficult to identify which parts are aluminum and which are aluminum bars.

So how do you tell if your aluminum bars have broken?

Inspect the panel.

If the metal is bent, twisted, or otherwise damaged, you may need to replace it.

If there’s any visible rust, you might need to strip it.

Inspect the bonded aluminum.

If it looks like it’s cracked or has any visible signs of cracking, the bar should be replaced.

The aluminum bar should look and feel like it was made from a bar of aluminum and not aluminum oxide.

Inspect a few bars of aluminum.

These bars should look normal, with no visible cracks or corrosion.

Inspect your metal bar.

If they look normal or have no visible signs that it’s an aluminum bar, it may be safe to install the bar.

Inspect each bar separately.

If a bar looks bent or broken, you should replace it or take it to the hardware store for inspection.

If an aluminum panel is cracked or not aligned correctly, it should be inspected again to be sure it’s not broken.

If this is the first time you’ve had an aluminum screen installed, take your aluminum screen to the local hardware store to have it inspected.

If any of the bars look bent or cracked, you need to inspect them for any signs of corrosion.

Check the metal for rust.

Inspect all of the metal bars that are bonded together.

If all of them look bent, broken, or bent in one spot, they’re probably aluminum bars and should be removed.

Inspect and clean the aluminum bar assembly.

Remove any exposed welds or weld holes.

Check for any cracks and signs of wear.

Inspect any exposed rivets or tabs.

Check to make sure they’re not corroding the bars.

Check that the bars are not loose.

Check your bar to make certain that they’re tight and don’t have any visible wear.

Clean the bar with a mild soap and water solution and apply a small amount of a white vinegar solution.

Wait about 30 seconds before scrubbing with a cloth or rag.

Do this with a dry cloth.

Do not scrub metal bars with a metal scrubber.

If possible, clean the bar in the sink or bucket.

The soap and vinegar solution will keep the bars from rusting.

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