Why we’re heading to the Arctic for the first time

When you think of the Arctic, what do you think about?

It is a place where there are endless possibilities.

You have the potential to be a scientist, a fisherman, an explorer, a lover of nature.

But it also has a dark side to it.

This is why we are going to the North Pole to study the harsh climate of the arctic.

The first part of this story will cover the polar bear.

The second part will focus on the polar bears.

For the first part, we are at the Arctic Circle, the place where polar bears live and are hunted.

This is the polar ice cap and it is where they have to hunt for food.

This year, there are more polar bears than there are polar bears on Earth.

The Arctic Circle is an area of land that has been frozen over for millions of years.

It is a huge area, covering about 6.3 million square kilometers, or about the size of the United Kingdom.

The area is so big that the polar cap itself is about 4.7 million square meters (about 1.4 million square miles), or about as big as New York City.

It is one of the largest land masses on Earth, with a surface area of about 12.6 million square km.

The Polar bears that live in the Arctic are not like polar bears anywhere else.

They live in a completely different world.

The only other animals in the area are seals.

The polar bears in the North are so far away from the rest of the world that they have little to no contact with the rest and, as a result, have few predators.

It’s also the only place where they are protected from climate change.

For the second part, I will be focusing on the northern polar bear, a polar bear that lives in the northern part of the area.

The northern polar bears are an important part of climate change mitigation efforts because they are the only polar bears that survive in the arboreal environment.

They have adapted to survive in arctic environments because they live in arid and cold climates.

The climate is very similar to what we see in the equatorial regions.

They are adapted to live in those conditions because the temperatures are low, the wind is weak and the winds are clear.

The polar bears have evolved to live on the land, not the sea.

This means they are able to survive with the same habitat and have the same food source.

In order to survive and to hunt, polar bears must live in areas that are exposed to the sun, not in areas where the sun doesn’t shine.

Polar bears have adapted well to living in arboretums, lakes and in other arctic areas because the conditions are similar.

In addition, there is a long history of polar bears living in the frozen North, so there is an evolutionary advantage for polar bears there.

It’s a good thing that the Polar Bears International (PBI) is working with the Canadian government to help to develop the Arctic as a climate change-proof ecosystem.

The PBI is a non-profit organization that is devoted to the protection of polar bear habitat and is funded by the Canadian and U.S. governments.

It works in partnership with governments to help polar bears to recover and to live the life that they evolved to.

The PBI has a long-term vision to protect the polar polar bear and to make it a climate-resistant, resilient and abundant species.

We hope that we can help this effort to become a reality.

The goal of this research is to understand how polar bears respond to the extreme conditions that we see around them, the impact of climate-induced change on their habitat, and to help them adapt to these changes.

This work is supported by the Department of Energy’s Polar Bear Conservation Program.

The North Polar Bear is not just a polar animal.

It also has other polar animals that live on its territory, including the polar fox, the northern black bear, the polar caribou, the Arctic black bear and the polar seal.

The species has been listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and is threatened with extinction in the wild.

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