How to remove your SBC aluminum head from your car

The SBC is a classic car that has been around for quite a while.

It has been in the hands of many car enthusiasts and the cars are often used as back up for the rear wheels.

But in recent years the aluminium head has become more popular than the traditional plastic one, and now there is a new head on the market that can be used to replace your SBS.

The most common SBC head on sale is made by a company called Astro Electronics, which is based in Australia.

The company’s head comes in two different shapes, the flat aluminium head that is used for the front and the curved aluminium head for the back.

The flat aluminium heads have been around since the early 90s, and are still widely used, and in some models the curved one is used as the front bumper.

In 2018, the company added the SBC ABS head, which was introduced as a second option for the 2018 model year.

It was the same as the flat ABS head on both cars, with a curved tip.

But the new SBC plastic head was slightly different in design, and it came with an aluminium base.

The aluminium base was not made from ABS plastic, but was a plastic-based material made of polyester and other recycled materials.

The metal base on the curved head is made of aluminium, and has a plastic coating.

If you have a SBC, you will find it in a number of colours, such as black, grey, silver and silver metallic.

Astro Electronics offers three different models, the most popular of which is the Astro XT, which comes with a 5.9-litre engine, and comes with an automatic transmission.

Other options include the Astro G3, which features a 4.2-litres engine, a six-speed manual gearbox, and is available in a black finish, black leather or grey finish.

If the Astro head is the car you want to replace, it is available from Astro Electronics for $7,995.

The cheapest Astro head, the Astro ABS head is also available for $5,990.

There is a wide range of aluminium options available, and Astro Electronics has a range of options, from aluminum alloy heads for the SBS, to polyester aluminium head, and plastic aluminium head.

If there is an option that you don’t need, Astro Electronics also offers a range, including a titanium head, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy and steel aluminium heads.

You can get a range with the Astro EVA head, but it comes with the same 5.7-litr engine and six-spoke wheels, and the same automatic transmission and six speed manual.

Astro also sells aluminium alloy and carbon fibre carbon fibre body kits, which are available for around $4,000, which will add a lot of strength to the head, plus the head will have a new design that can accommodate some of the extra weight.

The Astro EVO head is a carbon fibre aluminium alloy, and weighs just under 1,400kg, so you can expect to spend around $9,000 on it.

The other major aluminium option is the A3 carbon fibre head, a lightweight aluminium alloy head, that weighs just over 1,600kg, and can be bought for around the same price.

It is also compatible with the 5.0-litrev V6 engine, which should mean that it can be fitted with the optional FWD and RWD options.

Astro offers a new aluminium head kit that comes with either the aluminium alloy or the carbon fibre, and features a 6.4-litry engine, ABS and ABS-absorbing carbon fibre material.

Astro says that the aluminium will be the most durable aluminium available, but you may want to check with the car’s manufacturer to make sure it is made in the right conditions.

If your car has an aluminium head it will need to be installed by Astro Electronics before you can use it.

It also says that it will take around 1,000 hours to fully charge the head and that it does not recommend charging the head after installing it.

In the UK, Astro is also selling a series of aluminium aluminium head kits, as well as a range for carbon fibre.

It will cost around $6,000 to have the aluminium aluminium fitted and ready to go, but Astro is selling it as a ‘free’ upgrade.

This upgrade will also give you access to the 5-speed automatic transmission, so there is no need to get a new car if you already have a 5-spd car.

Astro is currently only available in Australia, but if you are interested in seeing what the company has to offer, Astro will be showing off its range of SBS aluminium aluminium heads in Melbourne at the beginning of October.

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