What does the future hold for AMC’s The Walking Dead?

After a short hiatus in late 2016, AMC’s zombie drama The Walking Dark is back with a new season of its eighth season, and the series has just announced that it’s bringing back the infamous iron edge to its upcoming season of the hit zombie drama.

The Walking Blackout has been a popular zombie drama on AMC since the series premiered in 2011, and season seven of the drama features a new twist that takes the iron edge from the show’s traditional zombies to its “dumb, dumber, dumb” zombies.

The season premiere of The Walking blackout is now streaming on AMC, with season eight of the series to follow on January 22, 2019.

Season seven of The Killing, the third season of which aired in 2017, follows the return of the infamous killer in the Season 7 finale.

And the series returns to its iconic zombie theme in season eight with an episode called “The Blackout” on January 29, 2019, and “The Killing Season” on February 2, 2019 with a special premiere.

The Walking Dead is a highly popular series that has featured several iconic characters in its history, including Tyreese, Carl, and Abraham.

The series has been renewed for eight more seasons, and it’s been confirmed that season seven and the eighth season will air simultaneously on AMC.

AMC recently added a new trailer to the website, and The Walking Death, the sixth season, is also expected to be released on January 28, 2019 and February 1, 2019 respectively.

The official synopsis for The Walking deaths season 8 reads: “In the first season of The Death of The Family, Tyreas life is taken over by the undead, and he is joined by Abraham Lincoln and Carl Grimes.

As the zombie invasion intensifies, a desperate Abraham must save Tyrese from the undead in order to stop the horde from consuming the world.”

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