‘Aluminum-Free’ Aluminium Cleaners Are ‘More Effective’ Than FDA Approved Products

The aluminum-free aluminum pie pans and aluminum cleaner are more effective than FDA approved products for treating mild-to-moderate ear infections, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Michigan and Purdue University.The findings, which appear online March 15 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, are based on the observation that […]

How to create a magnetic charge in aluminum

A metal has a magnetic field and an electric charge.How do you make the magnetic field strong enough to attract and hold electrons?The answer lies in the valence electron — a positively charged particle with electrons and protons attached.To make it a magnetic property, you have to have a charge and a magnetic particle attached […]

Which are the best and worst American cars?

If you were going to pick a car to own, which would you pick?The BMW 7 Series.That’s because, if you were to ask, “What is the best car in the world?” the BMW 7 would probably come up as the top choice.It’s an incredibly beautiful, comfortable, powerful car.But, if I were to take the time […]

How to turn an aluminum patio into an aluminum carbonate aquarium

4G LTE phone: 4G phone and LTE modem.Android smartphone: Android phone and tablet.Bluetooth headset: Bluetooth headset and earbuds.2-in-1 computer and tablet: PC, Mac, and iPad.2nd TV with HDMI port: 4K TV. 4K gaming console: 4k gaming console.Xbox One controller: Xbox One Controller.iPad Pro with Touch Bar: iPad Pro.MacBook Pro with Retina Display: MacBook Pro.iPhone 7 […]

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