Wires, cables, and duct tape in a hacker’s bag

By Chris PriestmanPosted March 08, 2018 07:17:33I’ve always been fascinated by the strange things that go into a hacker bag.It’s like the coolest part of the job: getting in there and hacking on stuff.But there’s always something in there, and it’s all connected.If you’ve ever seen a box of old-fashioned glue on the floor, it’s […]

The Trek Alpha aluminum screen: The future of screens?

Updated May 15, 2018 07:50:52Aluminum screen screen. The future of televisions. What is the future of screen? A screen that’s made of aluminum? How will this change the way we use technology? And how much money will it cost?Aluminum screens are the future. They’re thinner and lighter than glass and can withstand the high temperatures that aluminum produces. Aluminum is more durable […]

How to make aluminum pie pans: The process

A new article from MTV News explores how to make the metal-eating aluminum pie pan in your home or office.It’s the perfect solution to keeping your home looking as beautiful as the wood floors.The metal is made from aluminum alloy, which is used to make wood products like aluminum bars and aluminum trusses.Aluminum is an […]