Aluminum Ingot is the best thing to ever come out of the desert

When you look at the list of lithium-ion batteries, you see the same thing all over again: a lithium-iron battery.This makes sense because lithium-Ion batteries work by using an electrolyte called LiFePO4 to store electrons and use that energy to make electricity.Lithium-Ions are used in everything from mobile phones to small electric vehicles to cars.Alkaline […]

How to Build an Aluminum Canoe on a Budget

In the 1980s, a New York City construction company built a canoe that cost $3,000 and cost less than $50,000 to make.Now, the company is building a new model with aluminum wheels that costs about $10,000, but is more affordable than a canoe with steel wheels.“The aluminum is the main element that is important for […]

What you need to know about aluminum wheel repair

If you’ve ever bought a used aluminum wheel and have trouble with it breaking down, you’re not alone.But a new report from the Consumer Reports magazine shows that this problem is becoming increasingly common.The study, published online Monday, shows that more than half of all aluminum wheel repairs, or 51%, have been caused by poor […]

How to Use Aluminum on Aluminum Wheels

When you think of aluminum, it often comes to mind the material’s beautiful shine, which is what makes aluminum look so amazing.But what you might not know is that the substance is also the most corrosive.Aluminium oxide is one of the most toxic materials known to man.It is composed of one carbon atom and an […]