How to weld aluminum tubing

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “stick welding.”That’s because, in order to build an aluminum tubing, you’ll need a stick.Stick welding is a method of welding aluminum tubing that involves welding aluminum tubes to a flat surface (like a pipe) and then inserting the tubing into a hole or cavity that you’ll later fill with […]

Aluminium extrusion profile for aluminum i beam

Aluminum extrusion, or extrusion of aluminum into sheet metal, is one of the oldest and most efficient methods of producing high-quality high-performance aluminum.Aluminum extrusion can produce aluminum in a high-temperature environment, with a temperature range of up to 300°C, which is higher than conventional extrusion methods.However, aluminum extruders typically produce high-cost, high-strength, brittle, or otherwise […]

Which brand of aluminum chloride is best for your hair?

source Reddit article This thread has a lot of questions and answers.Some are fairly simple, but some are really complex.I thought I would try to get to the bottom of the answers.1.Alkalinity FormulaWhat is aluminum?Alkaline is the chemical that makes up aluminum.Alksalt is a form of aluminum that contains one or more oxygen atoms.Aluminum chloride, […]

What is aluminium nitrite?

Aluminium nitrite is a mineral that is typically found in a range of products including paint, paper, ceramics, and furniture.The name comes from the chemical compound found in it that is often used to reduce the surface tension in paint.A chemical reaction between aluminium and nitrite produces a chemical that allows the material to hold […]