How much do you spend on your aluminium car?

The amount of aluminium that is in the car can change every year depending on how much money the manufacturer has invested in developing the product.The amount the car’s battery uses is also changing.A new article by on aluminium shows the price of a new model that has been bought and tested over the […]

Why is LeBron James leaving Cleveland Cavaliers?

CLEVELAND — LeBron James is leaving Cleveland after more than a decade in the city.James will join the Philadelphia 76ers on a three-year, $30 million deal, the league announced Monday.The Cavaliers will have a total payroll of $70 million in 2020-21, down from $74 million in 2019-20.They had a cap space of $53.1 million, down […]

How to Clean Aluminum Canels

A new technique to clean aluminum cans canals could save you money on cleaning, according to a new study from the University of Maryland.The study found that removing all of the aluminum from cans using a vacuum cleaner can save you about $10 per ton of aluminum, or $10 to $20 per ton.The results were […]

Obama’s EPA administrator says aluminum brakes could be used to clean up polluted lakes

A senior EPA administrator said Thursday that aluminum brakes may be used as a “mineral cleaner” for polluted lakes and rivers.“The best technology for cleaning up polluted water is water,” Carol Browner said at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing on water pollution.“It’s not going to be a replacement for clean water.”She added, […]

How to create a magnetic charge in aluminum

A metal has a magnetic field and an electric charge.How do you make the magnetic field strong enough to attract and hold electrons?The answer lies in the valence electron — a positively charged particle with electrons and protons attached.To make it a magnetic property, you have to have a charge and a magnetic particle attached […]

How to recycle aluminum for aluminum carport

The United States has a long and storied history of using aluminum for carport construction.The aluminum has been used in cars from the earliest days of the automobile industry.However, aluminum oxide (ALO) is a byproduct of aluminum manufacturing that is a waste product of the process and has been a mainstay of the aluminum car […]

How to find aluminum cans and how to get rid of them

How to Find Aluminum Cans article Aluminum cans and cans of aluminum are an extremely common problem for most people who use the internet.You will find them in online forums, on the web, and on your local news and sports stations.These cans are also found in large numbers on grocery stores, discount stores, pharmacies, gas […]

Aluminum coil removed from the market

Aluminum coils are being banned from the automotive market for use in vehicles by the end of the year, with a report in the Wall Street Journal citing aluminum manufacturing company Alumex, which is based in California.The Journal reports that AlumEX is considering pulling out of the aluminum coil market, a move that could mean […]

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